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 GPQ Guide!

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PostSubject: GPQ Guide!   2009-03-11, 6:48 am

What is GPQ?
- Guild Party Quest. You could also call it GQ considering that GQ doesn't technically make you have parties.

How do I get to GPQ?
- GPQ is at an excavation site linked to Perion's right side. Not the one that leads to dungeon. To make it simpler here is how you can get to the GPQ area.Perion --> 2nd map away from Ellinia's Forest --> Go to the top portal of the map --> Keep going until you get to Excavation Site. This map should not have monsters so you should know you are there when you arrive.

What are the qualifications of starting a GPQ?
- Just 6 or more people. One of them being a Jr. Master/Master of the guild. All 6+ members must be in the same guild. Finishing GPQ is another story.

Why do GPQ?
- If you do enough GPQ's you can get on the top 50 rankings of your server. This will make your guild more respected and honored. Most of all, once you finish GPQ you get a bonus stage. This bonus drops the best things out of all the PQ's. You can get scrolls and summoning sacks(mushmom and jr rog sacks).

Important for finishing GPQ:
- Most recommended job for GPQ is a Chief Bandit preferably lvl 80+ so they can bomb quick.
- Believe it or not, the most important is your "noob". Your noob has to be under lvl 30. You cannot complete the GPQ without a person below lvl 30.
- More than 6 people is recommended. GPQ is kind of laggy. So if you of 6 people disconnect then GPQ is over.
- Haste is needed throughout the whole PQ. If you have a CB, then you will get haste.
- Teleport is needed for one particular stage. However, you need lvl 15+ teleport.

Starting GPQ

1. Have your Jr. Master/Master register for GPQ at Shuang.
2. Once your Jr.Master/Master goes in, you can go in
3. Wait 3 minutes to go in.

Purple Rock Stage

1. Hit a purple rock 5 times for the protector rock earrings
3. Go on to the next portal and to the next.

Stage 1

This stage you have to hit statues in the specific order, in order to do that, you must watch which of the statues flashed. You have to do it with 4, 5, 6, statues.

It’s best to assign everyone to spread out on the map because no one can see the entire map.

There’s 2 ways to this.
Spilt the map in to 2, one person takes the RIGHT, and the other takes entire the LEFT including middle, there is a place where you can see all of the LEFT and MIDDLE map.
A bit hard I think, its too much to remember, best to find someone with good memory. It’s good to have a pen and paper ready too.

The most common way I believe, split the map into 3, one person on the LEFT, MIDDLE and RIGHT.

I would advice from experiences that only 2-3 people talk, to avoid confusion.

When a statue flashes the people watching their part of the map says a #

Other people that watches and doing nothing should mark the statues.

E.g., if 3rd light flashes, they drop 3 coins in front of the statue.

After that, hit the statues in the order, one by one, its best that you say “Done #” when you hit a statue.

Stage 2

This stage you have to collect 4 spears of Longinus.

Assign people to do the jump quest to obtain the spears, in the Room of Glory.

Also go to that portal and kill those rocks monsters to obtain a key. And head over to the locked portal with a MAGE and a THIEF with DS. The mage will then teleport through obstacles hit the BOX at the end of the map to get the BLACK KEYS.

Give it to the THIEF with DS and get the spear.

After getting all the spears, head over to The Room of Justice and place the spears onto the pedestals. One requires a mage with MAX TELE and thief with MAX Haste.

TIP: To pick up the Longinus Spears, Jump Loot.

Stage 3

This stage is like the game Masterminds, you have to get the correct combination of the items.

When entering the map, kill the monsters, and loot everything you see, or else they disappear so quickly. Also theres a mini JQ to obtain other items.

Scroll, Medal, Olives and Wine

Whoever looted the item, can be only picked up by them. So its best to drop and reloot it quickly.

Forgot to mention, if you dont get it right in 6 tries, it will spawn monsters, and the combination changes.

Stage 4

Theres 4 portals I believe everyone go to a portal and do the mini JQ to get: Shoe, Pants, Jacket, and Crown.

Third portal is for the Lv30 and under to do it. The Lv30 will have to kill monsters, obtain pieces and open the door to JQ.

After getting the items, go to the skeleton and drop the items one by one in the right order. Shoe, Pants, Jacket, Crown.

Portal 1 = Pants
Portal 2 = Shoes
Portal 3 = Crown
Portal 4 = Jacket

Door before Ergoth.

The Lv30 drops their earrings in front of the door to make an offering to the door. The door opens.


Break the crystal and the battle begins.

Best way to defeat it is to bring a CB with you. Cost about 1mil to blow it up.


Knight statue on the LEFT dispels, KILL THAT FIRST XD
Knight statue on the RIGHT cast 1/1 spell, KILL THAT TOO.

After killing Ergoth, get the Rubian and talk to the Tiger.

Guide source, Sleepywood forum
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GPQ Guide!
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